Business Networking in Bedfordshire

Breakfast Networking in Bedford

Although there are several networking groups in the Bedford area not all of them work in the same way to build a business for their members.

To network effectively, you need to build relationships with your fellow business owners so that in the longer term you can share each other’s customer base with confidence.

One of the easiest ways to find new customers is to piggyback on the customer base of similar businesses to your own. This of course requires your business and theirs to be non competing.

If you network effectively you can build contacts and share your contact lists with them and in turn, theres with you. This can be a great way of building your business quickly and cost-effectively.

For example; a plumber and an electrician are not in competition with each other but they do share a similar client base. Perfect for each other to expand into.

Networking allows you to build relationships like these to strengthen your business and to enlarge your list of customers.

The added bonus of doing this is that your new customers find you via recommendation rather than through more traditional advertising. Recommendations lead to stronger, more loyal customers.

Some networking groups actively encourage these associations and relationships, while others either don’t understand their power or are not aware of their potential.

The ROOM in Bedford is a proactive group of like minded business owners who all work together to generate new business opportunities for their fellow members.

With regular weekly meetings, building these relationships is fast tracked, bringing rewards sooner.

Networking is a skill, and creating power associations within a networking group is a powerful way of turbocharging your lead generation process.


Good Photography Sells Products

The age old adage that a picture tells a thousand words has never been truer than online and for selling online. If you don’t display your products clearly and beautifully with great photography then your sales will suffer as a result.

When people buy, they do so with their eyes and the reassurance of large, easy to zoom photos that allow potential customers to examine the detail of your products is a vital component of Continue reading Photography

Apprenticeships Or Further Education

Apprenticeships And Further Education

The take up for university places in England and Wales has never been higher, even though they carry the top level of costs in the UK, the Scottish being variable from nil to £9,000, and the Northern Irish under £4,000, the take up seems relentless.

The government system of tuition fee loans and maintenance fee loans still seem an acceptable price to pay for many, who see university as a natural progression of education, or indeed, lifestyle.

And lifestyle for many it really is, perhaps having never lived away from home before, it is part of the passage into adulthood, and character definition.

The government has been equally aware of the sections of young people to whom university is not an option, whether through academic inability, disinterest, or the Continue reading Apprenticeships Or Further Education

What Is A Quality backlink?

Anatomy Of A Quality Backlink

The Internet is fuelled by the relationship between websites. This relationship is formed with the use of backlink, connecting one site to another.

These backlinks pass quality and trust metrics from one site on to the other. The criteria for the construction of the backlink is very important.

Each backlink has the potential to boost your search engine rankings or alternatively to penalise you by passing negative ranking signals to your site.

Each backlink that you create needs to possess a set of criteria including Continue reading What Is A Quality backlink?

Alcohol, Society & Driving

Alcohol, Our Society & Driving

Alcohol consumption would seem to have been with us for a very long time. Recent archaeological results have shown that stone-age man (and doubtless woman) were storing beer in stone jars some 10,000 years ago.

This is as man turned from being the nomadic hunter gatherer and in the ancient lands of the Near East begin to develop permanent communities and establish grain farming.

It is quite possible that the earliest producers of grain did so with brewing beer as the aim, rather than bread making, as a source of nutrition and calories.

In the cradle of civilisation, the lands between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in modern day Iraq, evidence of viniculture, the deliberate farming of Continue reading Alcohol, Society & Driving