What Is A Quality backlink?

Anatomy Of A Quality Backlink

The Internet is fuelled by the relationship between websites. This relationship is formed with the use of backlink, connecting one site to another.

These backlinks pass quality and trust metrics from one site on to the other. The criteria for the construction of the backlink is very important.

Each backlink has the potential to boost your search engine rankings or alternatively to penalise you by passing negative ranking signals to your site.

Each backlink that you create needs to possess a set of criteria including the following;

  • Unique Class C IP Address
  • Do Follow
  • Contextual
  • Relevant Content
  • In Googles Index
  • Relevant Page Category
  • Best Page Trust Score Possible
  • Naturalised Anchor Text
  • Not On Orphan Pages

If the link meets these requirements then it has the basis to become an influencer for your search listings.

If one of these requirements should be missing or not met then the link will be less powerful or in the worst-case could actually harm your rankings. In the same way, if your site isn’t smart phone friendly- www.cheapresponsivewebdesign.co.uk – you won’t be considered elligible to rank in SERPs.

As a rule of thumb, if a website isn’t included in Googles index then you don’t want to link from it. If that site then creates a new article on a new page to link to you, you will need to add relevant links into this page to prevent it from being an orphan link page.

Orphan pages are pages that have no inbound links. As such many are considered to be low quality as this process is often use for spam backlink building.

To achieve top search rankings your site needs backlinks that meet all of these criteria. Finding them is a significant challenge and can be very time consuming. It is often more time efficient to commission an SEO company such as Deeho. Deeho build backlinks that pass the high quality metrics or trust and authority that you need so that your website can climb online and attract highly targeted traffic.

Link Page Category

This is probably the most important in terms of influencing your future rankings. A link from and influential page that is relevant to your site and that also has relevant link page category will give you the maximum benefit.

Non related link categories will work against you according to SEO³ and hurt or limit your search rankings to the point that they can even exclude you from search if they are totally inappropriate.